Our Zero Waste Mission

Zero Waste without compromise - with this great vision we set out to develop our products. The Zero Waste Pyramid is the constant guiding principle of our actions and our history.


In the beginning there was the idea to free our bathrooms from single-use plastic, without any compromises. Rethinking, new thinking, thinking out of the box - with heart and mind we took up the challenge of making care products better, more environmentally friendly and more innovative.


We consistently reject single-use plastic, which - as soon as

the product is used up - ends up on the landfill #stopsingleuseplastic


Liquid shower gel & shampoo usually consists up to 90% simply out of water. Our idea: If we omit the water completely, we can also abandon the disposable bottle. This not only saves the plastic packaging, but also CO² emissions during transport. A standard shower gel weighs about 250 g - our nada pyramid weighs just 40 g, which is about a sixth.


Our nada bottle body is made out of 100% recycled plastic. This means that we do not waste any new resources for production, but use already existing materials. Of course you can also use an old shampoo bottle.
We cannot offer you a cap made out of recycled plastic at the moment. But the production technology is developing rapidly, so that soon the nada cap will be made of 100% rPET.


Using something only once and then throwing it away  became widespread in the second half of the 20th century. Before that, buyers had to bring their own packaging for their goods and this packaging had its own value. Today we are returning to this sustainable method through unpackaged stores and refill systems. That is why the nada bottle is designed to be refilled over and over again - a bottle for the future.


Our little nada pyramid is completely compostable and thus closes the circle of the zero waste principle. Your waste-free bathroom is as simple as that.

We rely on innovative packaging materials without single-use plastic and stand for the thoughtful use of all resources - in our ingredients and packaging. Along our entire production and supply chain up to your home we carefully avoid waste and minimize transport routes.

Refillable organic cosmetics in glass bottles
Our history

How it all began ...

As early as 1989 we were determined to do something about the flood of single-use plastic and actively contribute to the reduction of waste in the bathroom. For our sustainable natural cosmetics Vel.Vet we created a refill system for organic food stores, health food shops and hotels, where we offered shampoo, shower gel and body lotion in refillable glass bottles.

In those times of rapid consumption and practical disposable packaging, our sustainable idea did not establish itself in the long term. But the idea of a plastic-free life has kept us dreaming and so we take it on again more than 30 years later. As a team of mother and daughter, we put the vision of the plastic-free bathroom into practice with the experience of two generations.

Because we know how many people are looking for consistently sustainable solutions - without compromises or cumbersome handling.

In 2019, with the help of a fantastic crowd, we were able to raise around €25,300 from 844 supporters. Thanks to this successful crowdfunding we were enabled to produce our first nada shower powder.

The result is our Zero Waste powder, which magically dissolves into a liquid shower gel & shampoo when mixed with water. In the long run we want to implement all our other ideas of alternatives to solid soaps and shampoos and help many people to achieve a plastic-free and sustainable household without compromise.