Shower Gel & Shampoo to Refill

The nada shower gel & shampoo powder becomes a

liquid gel at home - completely without plastic.

Simply mix with water and you can shower plastic-free.


- certified vegan organic cosmetics - 






nachfüllbare Schampoo-Flasche mit warmem Wasser füllen
nada Duschpulver hinzugeben
Schütteln Pulver und Wasser vermischen
Zero Waste Duschen

Fill the nada bottle till the line with warm tap water 

(170 ml). 

Pour the nada powder into the bottle.

Gently shake the bottle to help the powder dissolve.

 Wait approx. 10 min and enjoy your Zero Waste Shower. 

Sustainable all around


Hair & Body

Shower- and Shampoopowder


certified organic cosmetic

industrially compostable



for 600 ml hair & body showergel



Nachfüllbare Recycling-Flasche


100% recycled plastic (bottle body)

displays the amount of needed water


3 Refill-Pyramides plus Bottle

Starterset Duschpulver

3 x Refill-Pyramides for hair & body


1 x refillable recycling bottle

for 600 ml hair & body showergel

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This is what our Zero Waste community says ...

I totally love the Zero Waste experience!

I've been using nada - simply care for a few weeks now and love it. The scent and the delicate foam are a real shower experience. The consistency is very pleasant on the skin and super productive. The only drawback is that I have quickly greasy hair and for this skin & hair products are usually not perfect. So I look forward to a version specifically for fast greasy hair :)



It works just perfectly fine!

I  think the idea of your shower powder to fill up yourself is ingenious and I am quite enthusiastic. It works great!


The only thing that I and my family do not like is the scent.
It would be great if you could soon offer other scents of the shower powder!



The shampoo is super good, what a successfull concept!

Mixing is very simple and very easy to understand. The hair feels great after washing. In the first washes I used the usual amount of shampoo for me, but then realized very quickly that I need much less shampoo than with the products I have used so far. I am thrilled!



I will definitely continue to use it with pleasure and reorder :)

I have used nada simple care several times also for washing my hair. It smells very good and the skin feels good with it, the hair also feels great and looks nice. I will definitely continue to use it with pleasure and reorder :)




A refillable shampoo-bottle
for our future

We at nada do shampoo without plastic. We thought that there must be another way for liquid shower gel and shampoowithout a plastic bottle, which - as soon as it is empty - is thrown away. So we started developing an alternative where you don't have to make any compromises.

The nada shower gel & shampoo powder becomes a liquid gel whenever you need it. Simply mix it with warm tap water at home and you can shower plastic-free. Our small nada pyramid, in which the shower powder is packed, is completely compostable.

That's Zero Waste made simple.

And because we not only want to do something good for the environment, but also for your skin & hair, the nada shower gel & shampoo is certified natural cosmetics. Our ingredients are caring, vegan and scented with a fresh breeze of the sea and untouched nature - for all genders.

BDIH Cosmos Natural
BDIH Vegan

A refillable shampoo-bottle
for our future

Our nada shower gel & shampoo bottle consists of 100% recycled plastic* and shows you exactly how much water you need to mix the nada shower powder into a gentle liquid shampoo.

The simple shampoo bottle can be refilled over and over again and fits in every Zero Waste bathroom. Due to the recycled material used, there may be slight colour variations, which makes your refillable shampoo bottle unique.

We have deliberately chosen recycled material so that no new resources are needed for the nada bottle.*

Of course you can also simply use an old shampoo bottle.

*Bottle body is made of 100% recycled PET.


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